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  • Q. Who is YourHandyman Services?

    YourHandyman Services is a full-service home repair, improvement and maintenance company. We specialize in projects around your home ranging from general repairs to complete remodels. There is no job too small for our professional employees.

  • Who is sent to my house to do the work?

    An YourHandyman Services employees will arrive at your home in a uniform with his own tools. On top of that all of our Handyman are licensed, bonded and insured as well as skilled and experienced for all of your home projects. We will arrive on time and ready to work!

  • Can I get an estimate or price quote for my job?

    At YourHandyman Services we work on a time and materials pricing basis. You are charged only for the actual time worked and materials purchased. Though most companies do not allow it, YourHandyman Services will advise you on materials to buy and help you make a shopping list so you can buy your materials and do not have to pay us for shopping time or warranty markup (or supplies) needed for your project.

    The advantage of this method is that it is the least costly (estimates are always calculated at a higher hourly rate) and fastest way to have many small to medium sized projects done. Also, it is easy to expand your to-do list without changing any contracts. The disadvantage is that you do not a have a firm price up front, but rather an approximate time frame.

    If you give us a call, however, we can give you an idea of how long your task may take.

  • How can I schedule an appointment with YourHandyman Services?

    Scheduling an appointment with YourHandyman Services is easy, simply find the location nearest you and contact their local customer service representative through one of three ways:

    - Call our office.
    - Complete the form on our site.

    Generally, we can get most jobs on the schedule within 2-3 days of your call!.

  • Special materials or items need to be purchased for my job. How would this work?

    Once in your home, Your Handyman can provide you a list of materials that you can purchase yourself. As an alternative, our professional employees can purchase materials on your behalf.