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Make a game with wooden houses

wooden houses

Make a game with wooden houses

A house game that will be child’s play. Because the little ones in the house can decorate these wooden pieces painted with blackboard effect paint with chalk or you can do it yourself to create a beautiful decorative composition. With wood and a saw you will have the pieces you want.

Materials & Tools needed

  • Pine board

  • Sandpaper block

  • Blackboard effect paint

  • Colored chalks

  • Brown paper

  • Circular saw

  • Set square and pencil

  • Bucket and roller

  • Goggles and protective gloves

  • Cat or sergeant

wooden houses

Step 1

Mark the outline of the pieces of wood

On a pine board you must pencil the silhouette of the pieces. Make several of different sizes.

Some pieces can be square or rectangular and others with one or two angled sides like houses with a sloping roof.

Step 2

Cut the pieces

Attach the already marked pine board to the work table with a sergeant and cut the pieces with the mini circular saw. Make the straight cuts first.

wooden houses
wooden houses

When you already have each piece of wood separately, make the cuts at an angle.

Step 3

Sand the cut pieces

Pass the sandpaper pad over all the edges of the cut pieces to remove imperfections. Gently run it on both sides as well.

wooden houses

Step 4


Protect your work surface with brown paper and start painting!

Pour some of the black slate effect paint into a bucket so you can comfortably soak up the roller and drain it.

wooden houses
wooden houses

With the roller (which will not make marks or brushstrokes) paint only one side of each of the pieces, keeping the edges in the natural tone of pine wood.

Step 5


When the paint is dry, it is time to decorate each of the pieces with colored chalk. You can reproduce the facade of a house or create various motifs that shape scenes from an entire city. Give it imagination!

When you have them fully decorated, you can already place them to dress up any corner.

wooden houses