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Be it a pristine ceiling for a living room, a starry sky for a sales venue, or a dramatic feature for a showroom. Stretch Ceiling is the essence of quality architecture and an essential interior decoration.

Stretch Ceilings have been used in Germany and France for decades and offer a number of significant advantages over conventional building and renovation solutions. Primarily, installation is quick and mess-free and the stretch material is surprisingly inexpensive.

Installation is pain-free for private homes, we won't send in builders to take over your home for weeks! Installation only takes a couple of hours and furniture does not have to be removed, quickly concealing years of layered repairs and decorations.

PVC is mould-free, water resistant and hygienic, making it ideal for commercial properties, retail buildings, swimming pools and gyms.

For showrooms, where designs need to be customised and specific, create a unique statement with flying figures, 3D columns, picture prints, logos, and advertisement boards. Everything became possible with the stretch ceiling technology.

What is a stretch ceiling?

Also known as a PVC ceiling, stretch ceilings are installed by applying heat evenly, consistently distributed between special aluminium mounting panels. They can be applied to almost any given shape and size. After the heat source is removed the product stretches to achieve a perfectly smooth surface that is long lasting, durable and beautiful!

Any type of light fitting or devices, such as speakers, grilles, extractor fans and sensors can be accommodated behind the stretch ceiling materials.

  • Stretch ceilings are versatile

    They can be applied to practically any indoor environment, and outdoor covered structures.

  • Stretch ceilings are effective insulators in all seasons

    The hollow core structure of the mounting panels reduces the need to heat or cool the room.

  • The lightweight, interlocking PVC Panels are quick to install

    They provide a beautiful, smooth surface that cannot be achieved with other ceiling materials. Interior designers and decorators love them!

  • They are hygienic

    The antiseptic, anti-fungal, non-toxic, anti-static, high resistance against moisture and sea water, combined with the easily cleanable nature of the product promotes a hygienic environment that requires almost no maintenance.

  • They are tough and fireproof

    Our 10 year warranty vouches for our confidence in the durability of our stretch ceilings.

  • Acoustics improvement

    Whether your requirement is to insulate or amplify the acoustics in a space, YourHandyman have a product that will work for you. They offer excellent acoustic properties which help deal with noise reverberation problems that are worth considering for indoor swimming pool environments.

  • Special effects

    If you can provide an image in RAF format, we can print it! Any logo, photo or graphic design can be digitally printed onto the material to create limitless effects and possibilities. The translucent types permeate between 70% and 80% of the light, which can then be illuminated by LED, Fibre-Optics or Fluorescent light sources.

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If you don't have the right tools, don't worry!
We come equipped with a full range of manual and power tools: drills, wrench sets, saws, and even tall ladders.
Your Handyman can also select, purchase, and deliver special materials if required.

You are busy and time-limited, that's why we are flexible in terms of appointment time.
You can schedule your service on weekdays, evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and even bank holidays.

No matter whether it comes to residential or commercial properties, they will be in safe hands with YourHandyman.
Each technician carries public liability insurance for a minimum of 100000 PLN, which guarantees you a trouble-free service.

Hire Your Handyman in any area across Warsaw.
However, we are constantly improving and expanding to meet your home maintenance needs efficiently.
Actually, we've already widened our coverage and now deliver handyman services in Pruszkow , Piaseczno and more.